G4M True Diversity Dual Wireless System, Lavalier & Headset Mics

G4M True Diversity Dual Wireless System, Lavalier & Headset Mics

The G4M True Diversity Dual Wireless Lavalier & Headset is a high-quality wireless system designed for professional use in live performances, public speaking events, and conferences.

The system is equipped with advanced components to ensure optimal performance. It boasts a true diversity receiver that utilises four BNC antennas, reducing the occurrence of dropouts and interference, and promoting reliable transmission between the transmitter and receiver. Additionally, the Lavalier microphones feature a high-quality cardioid dynamic capsule that effectively rejects off-axis sound, minimising the risk of feedback, and ensures the user remains the primary focus. The system also incorporates VCO oscillation to guarantee maximum signal integrity, delivering a precise, distortion-free audio signal with minimal noise.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the G4M True Diversity Single Wireless Lavalier & Headset’s receiver offers an intuitive navigation and feedback system. This is facilitated by an LCD display that provides essential information such as channels, frequency, battery level, and gain. This feature enables users to conveniently monitor and make necessary adjustments to their settings, ensuring optimal performance with minimal effort. Both users are presented with the possibility of using either a discrete Lavalier microphone that can easily be attached to clothing or a traditional headset microphone.

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True Diversity System

The G4M wireless microphone system boasts True Diversity, which means that it uses two separate receivers and antennas resulting in a stronger, more reliable signal, improved sound quality, and enhanced range. With 15 selectable frequencies available, users have the flexibility to find the best frequency for their specific environment and avoid any potential interference. The system is also equipped with anti-interference technology, ensuring that unwanted noise and distortion are kept to a minimum.

Effortless Infra-Red Syncing

Setting up the system is easy thanks to the use of infra-red syncing. This feature allows users to quickly and easily match the transmitter to the receiver with just a push of a button. This not only saves time but also ensures that the system is set up correctly and ready to go, making the system a reliable and versatile solution for a variety of live sound applications.

Authentic Reproduction

The Lavalier microphone is designed with a cardioid polar pattern, ensuring a focused and tight capture. This pattern offers a -6dB rejection at the sides and a -25dB rejection at the rear, which significantly reduces the risk of capturing any unwanted noise or distractions. This feature proves to be highly useful in live situations by minimising feedback from PA speakers and monitors, making it ideal for performances and presentations. With its directional capabilities, the microphone capsule delivers crystal-clear sound with minimal interference, ensuring an exceptional performance every time.