G4M Studio Condenser Microphone

G4M Studio Condenser Microphone

The G4M Studio Condenser Microphone is a professional-grade microphone designed specifically for studio recording, broadcasting, podcasting, live sessions and more. At the heart of the G4M Studio Condenser Microphone lies a 34mm gold-sputtered diaphragm capsule. This premium capsule captures audio with unparalleled precision and fidelity, ensuring that every nuance of your voice or instrument is faithfully reproduced.

Equipped with convenient switches, the G4M Studio Microphone offers versatile control over your recordings. The low-cut switch allows you to eliminate rumble and low-frequency noise, making it perfect for capturing vocals, podcasts, and instruments. Additionally, the -12dB attenuation switch enables the microphone to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion, accommodating loud instruments and dynamic performances effortlessly.

The G4M Studio Condenser Microphone features a cardioid polar pattern, specifically designed to capture sound sources in front of the microphone while minimising unwanted background noise and room ambience. This tried and tested pickup pattern ensures that your recordings are clean and clear, allowing your voice or instrument to take centre stage.

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Faithful Sound Reproduction with Wide Frequency Response

Experience a true-to-life sound representation with the G4M Studio Microphone's wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz. From the deep bass notes to sparkling highs, this microphone captures the full spectrum of audible frequencies, allowing your recordings to retain their richness, depth, and authenticity.

Enhanced Control with Low-Cut and Pad Switches

Take full control of your recordings with the G4M Studio Microphone's integrated low-cut and pad switches. The low-cut switch eliminates unwanted rumble and low-frequency noise, allowing for clean and focused recordings. Whether you're recording vocals, podcasts, or instruments, this feature ensures pristine sound quality by removing unwanted low-end artefacts. The pad switch, featuring a -12dB attenuation capability, enables the microphone to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion. It is the perfect tool for capturing dynamic performances with confidence and precision.

Cardioid Polar Pattern for Superior Sound Isolation

The G4M Studio Condenser Microphone is equipped with a cardioid polar pattern, engineered to provide exceptional sound isolation. This polar pattern focuses on capturing sound directly in front of the microphone while minimising off-axis noise and room reverberations. Whether you're in a professional studio or a home recording environment, the cardioid polar pattern ensures that your recordings are crystal clear, with minimal interference from your surroundings.

Reliable Output and Seamless Integration

Featuring an output impedance of 150 Ohm +/- 30 , the G4M Studio Microphone provides a reliable and consistent signal output. This ensures seamless integration with a wide range of audio interfaces, mixers, and recording equipment, allowing you to connect and use the microphone effortlessly.

Built to Last

The G4M Studio Condenser Microphone is constructed to the highest standards to ensure reliability in any environment. The microphone is housed a fully metal chassis and grille meaning it can withstand the rigours of heavy stage and studio use. The shock mount dampens vibration while also protecting the microphone from any bumps and the included flight case means you can take studio quality recording with you anywhere, all while keeping your microphone in perfect working order.

What's Included?

  • Wind Sock
  • Flight Case
  • Shock Mount