G4M Quad Truss Straight, 1m

G4M Quad Truss Straight, 1m

The G4M Quad Truss Straight in 1 meter length is a versatile and durable truss component designed to provide a straight and stable connection between two points. It is constructed from high-quality aluminium, which provides strength and durability while keeping the truss lightweight and easy to handle.

The quad bar design of the truss straight makes it an ideal option for a range of applications, from concerts and festivals to trade shows and exhibitions. It provides strength without making the truss heavy, providing a versatile solution for rigging needs. The straight truss can be used to create a range of truss configurations, from simple to complex, and is compatible with all products in the G4M Truss range.

The G4M Truss Straight, 1m is designed to be part of a larger truss system, providing a flexible and easy-to-use solution. The truss features pin holes for securing other truss components, such as baseplates or 3-way connectors, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

What’s Included?

  • Conical Couplers x 4
  • Conical Locating Pin x 8
  • Safety Springs x 8
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