G4M Pro Stage Platform, 1 x 1m

G4M Pro Stage Platform, 1 x 1m

The G4M Pro Stage Platform is a high-quality and durable platform designed for musicians, performers, and event organisers. Its top surface is made of 100% birch plywood, pressed with resin-impregnated sheets under high temperatures and force to create a 12mm thick platform with a unique hex-shaped, non-slip waterproof pattern. The plywood and frame are securely merged with polyurethane glue and sealed with foam to ensure a strong and rigid connection. For added protection, the platform is equipped with durable aluminium corners.

The 1m x 1m platform is versatile for various applications while remaining relatively lightweight for easy movement, coming in at under 19.6Kg. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 750kg per m2, it can handle heavy equipment and groups of performers. The platform also incorporates a strengthening cross beam to prevent warping under heavy loads and features leg insertion points and rails for easy expansion and connection.

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Specialist Construction Process

The G4M Pro Stage Platform's plywood top undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process involving high temperatures and force to press resin-impregnated sheets together. This results in a solid 12mm thick platform with a distinctive hex-shaped surface, designed to provide excellent traction and prevent slips. This combination makes the stage waterproof, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Emphasising longevity, the platform's plywood top and aluminium frame are fused together using a specially designed polyurethane glue, establishing a resilient bond capable of withstanding rigorous usage, including outdoor events. To ensure a seamless and sturdy connection, specialised sealing foam is meticulously applied to eliminate any gaps between the frame and the top. This results in a stage platform that will endure prolonged and heavy use. Additionally, the platform is fortified with sturdy aluminium corners, offering enhanced protection against impacts and signs of wear and tear.

Non Slip Surface

One of the standout features of this platform is its waterproof, non-slip textured surface, which ensures performers can move around on the stage without the risk of slipping or losing their footing. This non-slip surface is especially important for working in challenging conditions.