G4M KB-III Keyboard

G4M KB-III Keyboard

The G4M KB-iii 61 Key Keyboard caters to both beginner and intermediate players with its affordability and versatility. Comprised of 61 touch-sensitive keys with 128-note polyphony, the keyboard offers an authentic playing experience that will replicate every nuance of your technique, providing a dynamic, expressive sound through both its speakers and headphone output. The G4M KB-iii comes equipped with 618 realistic voices that include pianos, organs, guitars, strings, synths and brass. These are enhanced by the 200 accompaniment styles, and 150 songs are included for you to play along with.

Enhance the tonal quality of the G4M KB-iii using digital signal processing. This gives you the choice of integrating reverb and chorus into your sound. The 61-key keyboard also offers an extensive range of connectivity. USB MIDI allows you to use the 61-key keyboard as a MIDI controller to trigger sounds from third-party sample libraries in your preferred Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or by using a standalone app, whilst the inclusion of microphone and auxiliary inputs means you can connect external devices to playback sound through the 2 x 35W speakers.

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Realistic Sounds

Explore endless possibilities and discover your unique playing style with the G4M KB-iii keyboard. Boasting 618 different sounds, the keyboard offers an expansive suite of instruments including pianos, organs, guitars, brass and strings, all of which prove suitable for a broad range of musical genres. These sounds can be enhanced using integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to add depth and modulation to your sound.

128-note Polyphony

The G4M KB-iii 61 Key Keyboard features 128-note polyphony. Polyphony refers to the number of "voices", or notes that can be played simultaneously on a musical instrument. The G4M KB-iii can play up to 128 notes in one instance without notes dropping out or being cut off. You'll find this proves useful when playing complex pieces of music that feature many simultaneously played notes, or when layering sounds on top of one another in split mode.

Maximum Expression

61 Touch-sensitive full-length keys allow you to play with maximum expression. These are designed to accurately relay every nuance of your performance, providing a realistic and expressive playing experience. With their authentic feel, these full-size keys help you develop proper technique over time.

Useful Modes

The G4M KB-iii 61 Key Keyboard has a number of modes to help enrich your playing experience.

  • Split - Split mode allows you to determine where you split the keys and the voice used for each hand. This means you can effortlessly accompany yourself. This function proves particularly useful for playing bass and lead lines simultaneously, or commanding brass and string ensembles.
  • Layer - Layer mode allows you to play two or more different sounds or voices simultaneously, with one sound played on top of another. For example, you can layer a piano sound with a string sound to create a rich and full sound. The layer mode is a useful feature that enables you to create more complex and interesting music compositions, as well as to mimic the sound of an entire band or orchestra with just one keyboard.
  • Transpose - Transpose allows you to change the pitch of the notes you play, shifting them up or down in semitone increments. This can be useful in a number of situations. If you are playing a song that is too high or too low for your vocal range, you can use the transpose function to shift the key of the song to a more comfortable range. Transposing can also be used creatively to explore new musical ideas, by shifting the key of a melody or chord progression and discovering new harmonic possibilities.
  • Record - Record allows you to easily capture basic melody and harmonic progressions.

Get Connected

Utilise the various connection points available on the KB-iii to make the most of the keyboard.

  • Sustain Pedal - A sustain pedal (not included) adds depth and expression to your sound by allowing played notes to ring out for extended periods, producing a fuller, richer sound.
  • Audio Out - Use this output to connect the KB-iii to a speaker to amplify your sound, or to an interface to record the keyboard directly.
  • MIDI Out - This allows you to connect the KB-iii to your computer to use in conjunction with your preferred DAW and standalone applications.
  • Headphones - The headphone output provides privacy for practice, allowing you to focus on your playing without disturbing others. This connection point also enables better accuracy and control when playing as you can hear the full range of sound produced by the KB-iii.
  • Aux In - This connection lets you connect your preferred mobile device, or tablet so you can play along with your favourite songs and backing tracks.
  • Microphone - This connection point is particularly useful for singers or performers who want to showcase their vocal abilities while playing the piano.