G4M HDP-1 Upright Digital Piano, Black

G4M HDP-1 Upright Digital Piano, Black

The G4M HDP-1 Upright Digital Piano combines craftsmanship with advanced features to provide an exceptional playing experience. With its sleek and elegant white and maple design, the piano adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. It boasts a comprehensive range of 88 Tri-Sensor Hammer Action keys, delivering an authentic and responsive feel that closely resembles playing a traditional grand piano.

Featuring an impressive sample library, the G4M HDP-1 Upright Piano offers 127 instruments. From the rich tones of grand pianos to the expressive sounds of strings, organs, and electric pianos, the diverse range of voices ensures that you have a vast tonal palette to explore and experiment with. The piano also offers an impressive 256-note polyphony, allowing for intricate and complex musical arrangements without any dropped notes. This ensures that every nuance of your playing is faithfully reproduced.

The G4M HDP-1 Upright Piano provides a wide range of features and functionalities. These include 2-track recording, allowing you to capture and preserve your musical ideas, as well as Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth MIDI capabilities for seamless connectivity with compatible devices. The piano’s three-pedal unit mirrors the configuration of a grand piano, providing enhanced control over dynamics and expression.

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Realistic Playing Experience

The HDP-1 offers an authentic, dynamic playing experience through its state-of-the-art tri-sensor hammer action keybed. With integrated sensors on all 88 hammer action keys, the keyboard relays all nuances of your performance whilst faithfully reproducing the exact weight, feel, and the response of a traditional acoustic piano.

127 Realistic Sounds

With its extensive sample library, the G4M HDP-1 Upright Piano offers 127 meticulously sampled instruments, ranging from grand pianos and electric pianos to strings, organs, and more. This diverse collection provides a wide tonal palette to accommodate various musical genres and playing styles. Accessing the sounds is effortless through the compact control panel located on the left-hand side of the keyboard, allowing for seamless switching between instruments.

Immersive Sound System

Fitted with dual 25W speakers, the HDP-1 Upright Piano's sound system excels in faithfully relaying the subtleties of each note played. From soft, delicate melodies to powerful, dynamic passages, the immersive sound produced is balanced and articulate, allowing players to fully appreciate the intricacies of their playing. Ideal for communal areas, the piano also features dual headphone outputs, allowing players to practice and perform in silence, without disturbing those around them.

Capture Moments of Inspiration

The G4M Upright Piano is equipped with a convenient 2-track recording functionality, enabling musicians to easily capture and preserve their musical ideas. With the capacity to record up to two independent tracks, users can layer multiple parts and create professional-grade compositions.

Impressive Bluetooth Functionality

The G4M Upright Piano offers enhanced connectivity and expanded creative options with its Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth MIDI capabilities. Performers can enjoy seamless wireless streaming of their favourite music through the piano's speakers, allowing them to play along with their favourite songs or backing tracks. Additionally, the piano's Bluetooth MIDI functionality enables wireless communication with MIDI-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. This opens up a world of possibilities, as users can easily connect the piano to their Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and leverage a wide range of music apps, software, and virtual instruments.

Creative Modes

The G4M Upright Piano features three versatile keyboard modes: Layer, Split, and Twin mode. In Layer mode, musicians can combine two different instrument voices to create rich and textured sounds. Split mode divides the keyboard into two sections, allowing different instrument voices to be played simultaneously with each hand. Twin mode enables the keyboard to be split into two identical sections, making it suitable for tuition, or collaborative performances where two players can play the same part in perfect synchronisation.

Foot Pedal

The HDP-1  is equipped with a three-pedal unit at its base that mirrors the configuration found on a grand piano. This includes the soft pedal, sostenuto pedal, and sustain pedal, allowing players to achieve greater control over the dynamics, expression and sustain of their playing.
When the FX option is set to ROTARY, the soft pedal and sostenuto pedal take on specific functions, the left pedal being responsible for controlling the speed of the rotary effect, allowing players to adjust the rotation speed to suit their desired sound. The middle pedal functions as a stop control, enabling you to halt the rotary effect when needed

Studio Grade Processing

Elevate performances with the advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capabilities of the G4M HDP-1 Piano. This piano is equipped with a range of professional-grade processing effects, including 9 types of reverb and four types of modulation in the form of chorus, tremolo, phaser and a rotary speaker effect.

Elegant Aesthetic Appeal

The G4M Upright Digital Piano offers a elegant aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with home furnishings. Its sleek black music rest, cloth front panel, and front legs create a stylish look that effortlessly complements any interior decor. The combination of white and silver accents create the perfect contrast to the maple finish that adds warmth and charm. This versatile design allows the piano to blend harmoniously in both modern and traditional settings, becoming a captivating focal point in any room.