G4M GWH-1 Locking Guitar Wall Hanger

G4M GWH-1 Locking Guitar Wall Hanger

The G4M Locking Guitar Hanger allows you to hang your instrument securely. Suitable for both guitar and bass, it’s ideal for home and studio use. Thanks to its auto lock mechanism, you won’t have to spend time manually locking and unlocking your hanger. Instead, the weight of your instrument closes the guards, preventing sudden drops and nasty surprises. You can quickly grab and replace your guitars without ever compromising on safety. Two screws are included, allowing for a speedy set up.

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Auto Lock Design

The G4M Locking Guitar Hanger's auto lock mechanism guarantees that your guitar stays securely in place. Simply hang your guitar on the hanger, and the auto lock system engages automatically for hassle-free protection.

Versatile Compatibility

Designed to accommodate a wide range of guitar sizes from acoustic to electric and bass guitars, no matter the style, your instrument will fit snugly and securely.

Protective Padding

The hanger arms are equipped with cushioned padding to prevent scratches or marks on your guitar's neck and body. Rest easy knowing that your instrument's finish is preserved whilst on display.

Easy Installation

The G4M locking guitar wall hanger comes complete with all the necessary screws and wall plugs for a quick and straightforward installation process.