G4M GA-60 60w Guitar Amplifier

G4M GA-60 60w Guitar Amplifier

The G4M 60W Guitar Amplifier is a highly versatile and powerful amp designed to meet the needs of guitarists across a range of musical styles. The amplifier features two channels, clean and distorted, each with its own independent fixed-frequency EQ, allowing you to fully adjust and control your sound. The drive channel also includes an independent volume and gain control for determining the level of distortion present in your signal. The contour control allows you to fine-tune the tonal characteristics of the distortion channel’s midrange, offering the ability to mimic the sound of either British or American amplifiers.

In addition to its impressive range of tones, the G4M 60W Guitar Amplifier is also designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. The amplifier includes built-in reverb, as well as Aux and footswitch inputs, an FX loop, and a headphone output. Housed in a sturdy and rugged cabinet that is built to withstand the rigours of transport and performance, the GA-60’s 12″ speaker provides a powerful sound that is ideal for home practice or stage performance.

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Independent Clean and Distorted Channels

The G4M 60W Guitar Amplifier offers two channels, clean and distorted, each with unique features. The clean channel is the perfect pedal platform, providing a clear tone perfect for Jazz and Blues playing styles. It comes with its own EQ controls, allowing players to adjust the bass and treble frequencies to taste.

The distorted channel produces a harder, more aggressive tone, ideal for heavier playing styles. This channel features an independent volume and gain control to determine the amount of distortion present in your signal. The channel also includes a 2-band EQ and contour control that lets you shape the midrange to mimic sounds commonly associated with British and American amplifiers.

Powerful, Dynamic 12" Speaker

The G4M 60W amplifier comes equipped with a 12" speaker. This is a popular choice among guitarists as the increase in cone surface area compared to smaller speakers allows more air to be moved, resulting in a pronounced bass response with a smooth midrange. The speaker is also capable of handling more power, making it ideal for high-volume playing and recording without the risk of unwanted distortion.

Play-along with your Favourite Songs

Practice and play along to your favourite tracks via the G4M 60W amplifier's aux-in channel. This allows you to easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to the amplifier and play music through the amplifier's speaker, ensuring a more immersive and enjoyable practice experience.

Maximum Signal Integrity

The amplifier includes an FX loop that allows you to add external effects pedals to your sound. This feature is especially useful for guitarists who want to expand their sound beyond the built-in effects of the amplifier. By connecting effects pedals through the FX loop, you can maintain the integrity of your signal chain and prevent any loss of tone or volume.

Practice in Silence

The G4M 60W amplifier's headphone output is a useful feature for musicians who want to practice quietly without disturbing others. When headphones are plugged into the amplifier's output, the speaker is automatically muted, allowing you to play in silence. This feature is especially useful for late-night or early-morning practice sessions, or for musicians who live in shared spaces.