G4M GA-30 30w Guitar Amplifier

G4M GA-30 30w Guitar Amplifier

The G4M GA-30 30W amplifier is a versatile and powerful amplifier that is suitable for a variety of applications. Its compact size makes it ideal for practice sessions, rehearsals, and small gigs, and its sleek, black fascia gives it a professional and modern look. The three-band EQ grant instant tonal adjustments in the bass, mids, and treble frequencies, making it easy to achieve your desired sound.

The G4M 30W amplifier also features a closed-back design, which helps provide a tight focused sound with its powerful midrange and articulate low-end. Utilise the integrated reverb effect that allows you to add depth to your tone without the need for guitar pedals. All of this, combined with the 10″ speaker, ensures that your sound is clear and powerful when recording and performing in small venues.

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Two-Channel Design

One of the key features of the G4M 30W amplifier is its two-channel design. The amplifier includes "clean" and "drive" channels which can be controlled via a switch on the front panel of the amplifier. This allows you to easily switch between a natural, clean sound and an aggressive distorted tone, making the amplifier ideal for a broad range of musical styles. The inclusion of a footswitch input allows you to control both channels remotely.

Equipped with a 10" speaker

The amplifier comes equipped with a 10" speaker. Although smaller than a 12" speaker, it can still deliver a full, warm tone with a good low-end response. It's also easier to drive at lower volumes, making it a great option for home practice or small gigs. The smaller size also makes it a more portable option for musicians who need to travel with their equipment.

Tailor your Sound

In addition to its two channels, the G4M 30W amplifier also features a three-band EQ that allows for precise tonal adjustments. The EQ is fixed position and focuses on the bass, mids, and treble frequencies. This means that you can easily tweak your sound to achieve the perfect balance to suit your playing style.

Play-along with your Favourite Songs

The G4M 30W amplifier's aux-in channel is a valuable feature for musicians who want to practice or play along with their favourite tracks. With the aux-in channel, you can easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to the amplifier and play music through the amplifier's speaker. This feature ensures a more immersive and enjoyable practice experience.

Practice in Silence

The amplifier's headphone output is a useful feature for musicians who want to practice quietly without disturbing others. When headphones are plugged into the amplifier's output, the speaker is automatically muted, allowing you to play in silence. This feature is especially useful for late-night or early-morning practice sessions, or for musicians who live in shared spaces.