G4M GA-20E Guitar Amp Head with Effects

G4M GA-20E Guitar Amp Head with Effects

The G4M GA-20E Guitar Amp Head is a solid-state amplifier that offers a range of features to help you shape your sound. The amplifier has a clean channel, as well as four drive channels, with its own independent volume control. Additionally, the drive channels offer a global gain control that lets you determine the amount of distortion present in your signal. To make quick tonal adjustments, the GA-20E features a global 3-band fixed frequency EQ that allows you to adjust the bass, middle, and treble frequencies.

If you want to play along with your favourite songs, the G4M GA-20E Guitar Amp Head features an aux input that lets you connect your mobile device. When you need to practice silently, the headphone output allows you to do so without disturbing those around you. The amplifier also features a footswitch connection point, allowing you to integrate the G4M 5 Button Footswitch (not supplied) so you can effortlessly change tones mid-performance. You can also add depth to your sound via the onboard reverb control.

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Two-Channel Design

One of the key features of the G4M GA-20E amplifier is its two-channel design. It offers both "clean" and "drive" channels, making it easy to switch between a clean, warm sound and a more aggressive, distorted tone. The switches on the front panel make it simple to toggle between these tones, allowing you to easily create the perfect sound for any musical genre.

The distortion channel features four highly usable presets which can be easily changed at the touch of a button.

  • Crunch: The crunch setting on the amplifier produces a slightly distorted sound with a warm and crunchy tone. It is suitable for playing Blues, Rock, or Classic Rock styles.
  • Overdrive: The overdrive setting produces a more aggressive and heavily distorted sound. It is useful for playing heavier styles of Rock, Metal, or Punk.
  • Lead: The lead setting on the amplifier produces a clean, loud, and powerful tone that is perfect for playing solos or leads. This setting typically provides a boost to the mid and high frequencies, resulting in a bright and punchy sound that stands out in the mix.
  • Metal: The metal setting on the amplifier creates a high gain, heavy distortion sound that is ideal for playing modern Heavy Metal, Hardcore, or Thrash styles.

Tailor your Sound

In addition to its two channels, the GA-20E amplifier also features a three-band EQ that allows for precise tonal adjustments. The EQ is fixed position and focuses on the bass, mids, and treble frequencies. This means that you can easily tweak your sound to achieve the perfect balance for your playing style and genre.

Play-along with your Favourite Songs

The aux-in channel of the GA-20E amplifier is a valuable asset for musicians seeking to enhance their musical abilities. By linking your smartphone, tablet, or other devices to the amplifier via a 3.5mm jack cable, you can effortlessly stream music through its speakers. This feature allows for a more engaging and enjoyable practice session, as it enables you to practice your instrument while listening to backing tracks or your favourite songs.

Handy FX Loop

The G4M GA-20E Guitar Amplifier is equipped with an FX loop that allows you to add external effects pedals to your sound. This feature is especially useful for guitarists who want to expand their sound beyond the built-in effects of the amplifier. By connecting effects pedals through the FX loop, you can maintain the integrity of your signal chain and prevent any loss of tone or volume.

Practice in Silence

The G4M GA-20E amplifier's headphone output is a practical feature for musicians who wish to practice quietly without interrupting others. By plugging headphones into the amplifier's headphone output, the speaker is automatically muted, providing you with the ability to play silently. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who practice during the early hours or late at night, or for those who live in communal areas.