G4M Full Column for Modular Column PA System

G4M Full Column for Modular Column PA System

The G4M Full Column is a slim-column speaker that is designed to be used as part of the G4M Modular Column PA System. With a power output of 200W RMS and 400W Peak, the speaker is capable of delivering clear and powerful sound, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Equipped with six 2.75″ full-range drivers, the full-column speaker offers a wide frequency range of 200Hz – 20KHz, allowing for accurate reproduction of all types of music and speech when paired with either the 1 x 10″ or 2 x 10″ Modular Column series subwoofers. Employing a steep 24dB/octave slope, the 200Hz crossover filters out undesirable frequencies for clear and accurate audio output.

With a maximum SPL of 114dB at 1 meter, the column speaker is capable of filling small to medium-sized venues with a clear and powerful sound. To provide even coverage across the listening environment, the dispersion is set at 90 degrees horizontal.

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Intuitive Design

For easy construction and expansion, the speakers are equipped with connectors at each end that are covered when not in use, making them easy to protect and transport. Installing the speakers is simple and requires no special tools; they simply need to be aligned and clicked into place or connected using a speaker pole.

A Truly Modular Experience

This column speaker forms part of the G4M Modular Column PA System Series, comprising of subwoofers and column speakers that are suited for all scenarios. The series is truly modular - if you want more sound, add more components! There is a choice of two sublime subwoofers: a 1 x 10" sub for smaller and more intimate venues, and a 2 x 10" model for larger stages and bigger performances. Both subwoofers feature a precise response, aided by a dedicated DSP EQ system that allows you to switch between set-up scenarios with the touch of a button.

This column and the half column model provide high frequency clarity from six (half) or 12 (full) 2.75" tweeters, both perfectly matching the subwoofer for a focused and accurate sound replication.

G4M has created six tried and tested combinations to choose from, ranging from intimate systems for small bands, through to line array stage systems. If more power is required, simply pick from the additional columns and subwoofers for a limitless solution. Featuring an tool-less connection system, you can alter the set-up in seconds.