G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone

G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone combines advanced technology and precision engineering to deliver exceptional performance and accurate audio reproduction. Tailored for professional live sound and studio recording applications, this microphone incorporates a high-quality dynamic capsule with a wide frequency response and high sensitivity, capturing every subtle detail of any performance with clarity.

With its hyper-cardioid pattern, the G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone precisely captures sound from the front while effectively rejecting pickup from the sides and rear. This focused directionality ensures the microphone accurately captures the intended sound source while minimising unwanted ambient noise and feedback.

The G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone exhibits a robust and reliable design, offering exceptional durability to withstand the rigours of live performances and studio sessions. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the occasional bumps and knocks, maintaining consistent performance throughout its lifespan.

Included with the G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone are a range of accessories to get you started. The wind sock protects against wind interference and extreme sibilance when used outdoors or in the field, the clip allows easy attachment and removal from microphone stands and the pouch keeps the microphone free from dirt and dust when not in use.

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Detailed Capture

The cardioid polar pattern is beneficial in live performance settings where there may be significant background noise or when multiple sound sources are present. By minimising the capture of off-axis sounds, the G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone helps maintain excellent vocal intelligibility and ensures that your performance cuts through the mix with clarity and definition.

Honest Reproduction

The G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone is designed to excel in capturing powerful and dynamic vocal performances without the risk of distortion, thanks to its impressive maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of <150dB. With this capability, the microphone can handle even the loudest sound sources with exceptional clarity and fidelity.

With its low level of self-noise, the G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone excels in capturing even the softest passages with remarkable detail. This guarantees accurate reproduction of the performance's nuances and subtleties while preserving the original dynamics, ensuring the integrity of your recordings remains intact.

Built to Last

The G4M Dynamic Vocal Microphone is constructed to the highest standards to ensure reliability in any environment. The microphone is housed a fully metal chassis and grille meaning it can withstand the rigours of heavy stage and studio use. The capsule itself is further enclosed in a protective internal chassis with a metal body and plastic grille, helping to both protect the capsule and reject unwanted vibration.

What's Included?

  • Wind Sock
  • Zipped storage bag
  • Microphone clip