G4M Concert Ukulele Case

G4M Concert Ukulele Case

The G4M Concert Ukulele Case is the perfect solution for ukulele players who need a reliable and durable way to transport their concert ukulele. This high-quality ukulele case is made using a unique 5D protection system, which provides a tough exterior that can withstand the rigours of travel and protect your ukulele from scratches, scuffs, and other potential damage.

The interior of the case is lined with soft, plush padding that offers a protective cushion for your concert ukulele, while an adjustable neck rest with a strap ensures that your ukulele’s neck is securely held in place. The lower half of the case also features a string protection pad to help further minimise the risk of damage.

The G4M Concert Ukulele Case is designed with a convenient front pocket that provides ample space to store all your essential accessories. This handy pocket allows you to take extra strings, plectrums, and cables with you, without needing an additional bag.

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5D Protection System

The G4M instrument case incorporates a unique 5D system to ensure exceptional protection. Consisting of five unique layers, the system provides comprehensive protection, safeguarding your instrument from various risks during transportation and ensuring its optimal condition.

  • Layer 1 - plush interior lining. This safeguards against scratches and abrasions during transportation.
  • Layer 2 - 3mm soft foam. This acts as a cushion, effectively absorbing external shocks and impacts while on the move. This layer provides an extra layer of protection for your instrument.
  • Layer 3 - 5mm strong plastic. This durable material adds rigidity to the case, protecting it against compression and deformation and enhances the case's structural integrity.
  • Layer 4 - 15mm dense polyethylene foam. This layer is designed for exceptional shock absorption, efficiently dispersing and absorbing impact energy that could potentially harm your instrument.
  • Layer 5 - 600D Oxford fabric. This rugged exterior fabric delivers excellent resistance against wear and tear, ensuring the case's longevity and durability.