G4M Compact Stage Platform with Legs, 1 x 1m

G4M Compact Stage Platform with Legs, 1 x 1m

The G4M Compact Stage Platform with Legs, measuring 1 x 1 meter, is a professional-grade stage platform designed for performances, presentations, and events. With its precision engineering and premium materials, this stage platform offers durability, stability, and versatility for a wide range of applications.

Featuring a compact size of 1 x 1 meter, this stage platform is perfect for small to medium-sized stages or platforms. It comes with sturdy height-adjustable legs that provide additional support and stability, ensuring a safe and reliable performance surface for performers, speakers, or event organisers.

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Specialist Construction Process

The G4M Compact Stage Platform's plywood top undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process involving high temperatures and force to press resin-impregnated sheets together. This results in a solid 12mm thick platform with a distinctive hex-shaped surface, designed to provide excellent traction and prevent slips. This combination makes the stage waterproof, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Emphasising longevity, the platform's plywood top and aluminium frame are fused together using a specially designed polyurethane glue, establishing a resilient bond capable of withstanding rigorous usage, including outdoor events. To ensure a seamless and sturdy connection, specialised sealing foam is meticulously applied to eliminate any gaps between the frame and the top. This results in a stage platform that will endure prolonged and heavy use. Additionally, the platform is fortified with sturdy aluminium corners, offering enhanced protection against impacts and signs of wear and tear.

Strong, Secure, Durable

The aluminium legs allow for easy adjustment of the stage platform's height, allowing the platform to be set at the desired elevation for different performance requirements or venue configurations. The rubber feet on the legs not only provide a secure grip on the stage surface, preventing slipping or shifting during performances but also protect the underlying floor from scratches or damage. The combination of height-adjustable aluminium legs and rubber feet make this stage platform adaptable to various stage heights and surfaces, ensuring a safe and reliable performance surface for performers and event organisers.

Simple to build

The G4M Compact Stage Platform is simple to test up and build. Its foldaway legs mean your performance space can be constructed quickly and easily, with minimal additional components. The legs also mean a quick load out, allowing you to pack away swiftly, without taking up too much storage space.

Non Slip Surface

One of the standout features of this platform is its non-slip textured surface, which ensures performers can move around on the stage without the risk of slipping or losing their footing. This non-slip surface is especially important for working in challenging conditions.