G4M 972 Fanned Fret 5-String, Blue Burl Burst

G4M 972 Fanned Fret 5-String, Blue Burl Burst

With a 34.5″-36.25″ scale length, dual angled soapbar pickups, and a bolt-on neck, the G4M 972 Fanned Fret 5-String Bass Guitar is suitable for any musical genre and playing style. Featuring an American basswood body, the black gloss back and sides create the perfect contrast to the poplar eye burl top with its striking blue burl burst gloss finish. The roasted maple D-shape neck also ensures maximum comfort when practising and performing for extended periods.

Equipped with premium electronics, the G4M 972 Fanned Fret Bass Guitar delivers exceptional tone and versatility. Situated in the bridge and middle positions, the black, angled active soapbar pickups provide powerful, punchy tones with a fantastic dynamic response, relaying every nuance of your performance. The bass’ push-pull volume pot allows players to seamlessly switch between active and passive modes whilst the 3-band EQ ensures precise tone shaping.

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Achieve a Wide Range of Sounds

The dual-angled soapbar pickups are renowned for their ability to produce a broad range of tones suitable for numerous musical styles including Metal, Rock, Jazz and Alternative. Purposely designed for bass, they have a wide dynamic range that allows them to accurately respond to the subtlest of techniques making them ideal for the most expressive of performers. The inclusion of volume, blend, and 3-band EQ controls gives the player total control over the bass' tonal characteristics.

Natural Bone Nut

The bass guitar's bone nut contributes to improved sustain and resonance, ensuring each note rings out with clarity and definition. It also offers smooth and precise tuning stability, thanks to its self-lubricating property that reduces friction between the strings and the nut slots.

Improved Intonation

The G4M 972 Bass is equipped with a single saddle bridge system, which offers a number of benefits to the player. The single saddle design allows for precise adjustments to intonation, as each string can be individually adjusted for optimal tuning. This ensures that the bass is always in tune across the entire fretboard.

Additionally, the single saddle design reduces the likelihood of string slippage, as each string is anchored by its own saddle. This results in improved sustain and overall sound quality, as the strings are allowed to vibrate freely and without interference.

Easy to Navigate Fretboard

The G4M 972 Fanned Fret 5-String Bass features Green Luminlay side dots, which is a unique and innovative feature that provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions. These side dots are placed on the side of the neck and are made from a special material that glows in the dark, allowing players to easily see the fretboard in dimly lit environments. This feature is especially useful for live performances and studio sessions, where lighting conditions can vary.

Extended-Range Design

The G4M 5-string bass offers a number of benefits to bass players. The additional strings provide a greater range of notes and more versatility in playing styles, making it possible to play a wider variety of music. With the ability to access lower notes, these basses are particularly useful for genres like Metal or Jazz where lower tunings are often used. The extended range can also make it easier to play complex bass lines, as it provides more options for note placement and chord voicings.