G4M 878 6 String Bass Guitar, Cream

G4M 878 6 String Bass Guitar, Cream

The G4M 878 6 String Bass Guitar is a high-quality instrument designed for musicians seeking a versatile sound. With a 34.5″ scale length and six strings, this extended-range bass guitar offers a broad tonal range that accommodates various musical styles.

Featuring an American basswood body with a cream gloss top and sides, the G4M 6-string bass’ finish provides a striking contrast to the black hardware, enhancing the bass’ overall aesthetic appeal. The bolt-on maple neck has a C-shaped profile and 24 frets, which allow for easy navigation and a bright tone, whilst the Graptech Nubone nut improves intonation and sustain, adding to the bass’ overall sound quality.

The extended-range bass comes equipped with a set of dual passive black soapbar pickups. These pickups deliver a classic, warm tone that is favoured by many bassists. The separate tone and volume controls for each pickup allow for a wide range of sound-shaping possibilities. Its high-quality construction materials and hardware ensure a long-lasting, enjoyable playing experience for musicians of all levels.

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Achieve a Wide Range of Sounds

The dual passive black soapbar pickups on the G4M 878 6-String Bass Guitar are renowned for their ability to produce a warm, vintage-style sound that is perfect for numerous musical genres, including Jazz, Blues, and Rock. Purposely designed for bass they have a wide dynamic range that allows them to accurately respond to the subtlest of techniques making them ideal for the most expressive of performers. The inclusion of separate volume and tone controls for each pickup gives the player total control over the bass' tonal quality.

Improved Intonation

The bass includes a Graphtech Nubone nut that is made from proprietary synthetic material and offers superior tonal qualities and durability. The material is designed to provide a consistent tone across all the strings for greater tuning stability. These nuts are also resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that they last longer than traditional materials like bone or ivory.

Easy to Play

Designed with a C-shaped neck, the G4M 878 6-String offers a comfortable playing experience for bassists of all skill levels. The contour of the C-shaped neck conforms perfectly to the shape of the player's hand for an improved grip, allowing them to play for extended periods.

The larger frets can be particularly beneficial for players with bigger hands, or those who prefer to use a lighter touch when playing, as they provide greater resistance to the strings, allowing for more control over the instrument's tonal quality.

Extended-Range Design

The G4M 878 6-string bass offers a number of benefits to bass players. The additional strings provide a greater range of notes and more versatility in playing styles, making it possible to play a wider variety of music. With the ability to access lower notes, these basses are particularly useful for genres like Metal or Jazz where lower tunings are often used. The extended range can also make it easier to play complex bass lines, as it provides more options for note placement and chord voicings.