G4M 734 Pro Electric Guitar, Galaxy Burl Burst

G4M 734 Pro Electric Guitar, Galaxy Burl Burst

The G4M 734 Pro Electric Guitar is a stylish and versatile instrument that is perfect for heavier playing styles. With a standard 25.5” scale length, the guitar’s bolt-on neck ensures excellent stability and sustain, providing a great sound whilst being comfortable to play. The body of the guitar is built from alder, featuring a unique poplar eye burl satin top with stylish dark blue back and sides. 

Constructed from hard rock Canadian maple, the neck offers superior strength and durability, making it ideal for touring. The neck also features a laurel fretboard with 24 nickel jumbo frets and a Graphtech Nubone nut, which ensures a precise intonation and easy playability. Offering a sleek, modern appearance, the guitar’s aesthetic appeal is enhanced by its all-black hardware.  

The 734 Pro Galaxy Burl Burst comes equipped with two black ceramic magnet high-output humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions, which provide a powerful and aggressive tone. The guitar’s tonal quality can be adjusted further using the volume and tone controls, as well as the three-way toggle switch. What’s more, the guitar’s hardtail chrome bridge ensures that it stays in tune, even during aggressive playing styles. 

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Unique Finish

One of the main benefits of using poplar eye burl is its beautiful and distinctive grain pattern, which adds a unique character to the appearance of the guitar. Additionally, poplar eye burl is a relatively lightweight and porous wood, which contributes to the overall resonance and sustain of the instrument. This type of wood is also known for its balanced tonal qualities, with a bright top end, clear midrange, and defined low end, making it an excellent choice for guitars that require a wide tonal range.

Ceramic Humbucker Pickups Produce Powerful Tone

High-output ceramic pickups are a popular choice among guitar players looking for a powerful and aggressive tone. The 734 Pro Galaxy Burl Burst’s ceramic pickups are known for their ability to produce a strong magnetic field, which translates into a higher output signal. This increased output allows for more sustain and a greater ability to drive the amp into overdrive, making them a popular choice for heavy metal and hard rock players.

Improved Intonation

The guitar features a Graphtech Nubone nut that is made from proprietary synthetic material and offers superior tonal qualities and durability. The material is designed to provide a consistent tone across all the strings for greater tuning stability. These nuts are also resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that they last longer than traditional materials like bone or ivory.

Easy to Navigate Fretboard

The G4M 734 Pro Electric Guitar features Green Luminlay side dots, which is a unique and innovative feature that provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions. These side dots are placed on the side of the neck and are made from a special material that glows in the dark, allowing players to easily see the fretboard in dimly lit environments. This feature is especially useful for live performances and studio sessions, where lighting conditions can vary.