G4M 529 Pro Fanned Fret 7-String, Ocean Fade

G4M 529 Pro Fanned Fret 7-String, Ocean Fade

The G4M 529 Pro Fanned Fret 7-String is a stylish and versatile instrument that is perfect for those who appreciate a sleek and modern, metal-inspired design. The extended-range guitar has a 25.5″-27” scale length and a bolt-on neck for excellent stability and sustain. The body of the guitar is constructed from mahogany, featuring a unique poplar eye burl ocean fade satin top and a natural satin finish on the back and sides. This combination creates a striking contrast that gives the guitar a unique look and feel. Constructed from 5-piece maple and artificial rosewood, the neck also offers superior strength and durability, making it ideal for touring.

The G4M Fanned Fret 7- String is designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring a dual cutaway shape that grants easy access to the upper frets, making it ideal for playing solos and riffing. The guitar is also equipped with two black ceramic magnet high-output humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions, which provide a powerful and aggressive tone.

The tonal quality of the guitar can be adjusted using the volume and tone controls, as well as the three-way toggle switch. Additionally, the guitar features a single saddle bridge system, which ensures superior tuning stability and sustain.

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Unique Finish

One of the main benefits of using poplar eye burl is its beautiful and distinctive grain pattern, which adds a unique character to the appearance of the guitar. Additionally, poplar eye burl is a relatively lightweight and porous wood, which contributes to the overall resonance and sustain of the instrument. This type of wood is also known for its balanced tonal qualities, with a bright top end, clear midrange, and defined low end, making it an excellent choice for guitars that require a wide tonal range.

Ceramic Humbucker Pickups Produce Powerful Tone

High-output passive ceramic pickups are a popular choice among guitar players looking for a powerful and aggressive tone. The Pro Fanned Fret 7-String’s ceramic pickups are known for their ability to produce a strong magnetic field, which translates into a higher output signal. This increased output allows for more sustain and a greater ability to drive the amp into overdrive, making them a popular choice for heavy metal and hard rock players.

Improved Intonation

The 529 Pro Fanned Fret 7-String is equipped with a single saddle bridge system, which offers a number of benefits to the player. The single saddle design allows for precise adjustments to intonation, as each string can be individually adjusted for optimal tuning. This ensures that the guitar is always in tune across the entire fretboard.

Additionally, the single saddle design reduces the likelihood of string slippage, as each string is anchored by its own saddle. This results in improved sustain and overall sound quality, as the strings are allowed to vibrate freely and without interference.

Comfortable Neck

The guitar’s C-shaped neck, provides a comfortable playing experience for guitarists of all skill levels. The contour of the C-shaped neck conforms to the shape of the player's hand, making it easy to grip and play for extended periods of time. This design also allows for greater control and flexibility when playing complex chords and fast runs.

Easy to Navigate Fretboard

The G4M 529 Pro Fanned Fret 7-String electric guitar features Green Luminlay side dots, which is a unique and innovative feature that provides excellent visibility in low-light conditions. These side dots are placed on the side of the neck and are made from a special material that glows in the dark, allowing players to easily see the fretboard in dimly lit environments. This feature is especially useful for live performances and studio sessions, where lighting conditions can vary.