G4M 500 Series Preamp

G4M 500 Series Preamp

The G4M 500 Series Preamp is designed to meet the needs of professional audio engineers and musicians. At the core of the preamp lies its ability to provide a remarkable gain range of up to 70dB. This extensive gain capability empowers users to easily amplify most audio signals to capture delicate sources with clarity and precision, all while maintaining low noise levels.

The Preamp offers versatile functionality with its Mic/Line input switches, this enables seamless adaptation to various audio sources, making it an ideal choice for diverse recording scenarios by accommodating a wide range of microphones and instruments. Additionally, the preamp enhances its usability by incorporating intuitive Mic, Line, and DI LEDs that promptly indicate the active input. This visual feedback simplifies operation and ensures smooth transitions during recording sessions or live performances, facilitating a streamlined workflow.

An exceptional addition to the G4M 500 Series Preamp is the Polarity/Air switch. This valuable feature provides the ability to enhance the top-end response or reverse the phase, ensuring maximum signal integrity in multi-microphone setups. The pad switch with incremental 5dB steps also proves useful in attenuating powerful signals, minimising the risk of distortion from compromising performances.

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Compact Design

Featuring a sleek and robust 500 Series modular format, the G4M Preamp seamlessly integrates into any compatible rack system, providing flexible connectivity options and effortless integration with other studio equipment. Its compact design allows for easy installation and allows users to customise their signal chain to suit their specific needs.

Adjustable Impedance for Optimal Performance

To optimise the interaction between condenser, ribbon, and dynamic microphones, the G4M 500 Series Preamp offers adjustable impedance options of 300 and 1200 ohms. The ability to ensure precise impedance matching offers improved sonic performance for the best possible results.

Enhanced Connectivity

The G4M 500 Series Preamp also offers DI functionality that allows you to connect instruments directly to the preamp. The front-panel DI input offers a choice between active and passive modes, making it effortless to connect and alternate between instruments like guitars, bass, electric pianos and synths.

Pad Function for Attenuation Control

The preamp includes a pad function with incremental 5dB steps, allowing you to attenuate the input signal up to 10 dB. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with high-output sources, preventing clipping or distortion that could compromise recordings.