G4M 500 Series EQ

G4M 500 Series EQ

The G4M 500 Series EQ is a professional-grade audio processing module that offers exceptional sound shaping possibilities. With its advanced semi-parametric equalisation capabilities, users can effortlessly boost or cut specific frequencies with surgical precision, effectively shaping the sound to suit their desired tonal characteristics. The responsive and intuitive controls enable seamless adjustments, allowing for quick and accurate fine-tuning.

Equipped with high-quality components and state-of-the-art circuitry, the G4M EQ ensures exceptional sonic transparency and low noise performance. Each band is carefully designed to maintain sonic integrity, ensuring minimal colouration and distortion even in extreme settings. This results in a pristine audio signal, preserving the original dynamics and nuances of the source material.

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Surgical Tone Shaping

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this EQ unit is equipped with three bands - low, mid, and high - each offering a range of -15dB to +15dB gain. These bands allow users to precisely sculpt their source, enhancing or attenuating specific frequencies as needed.

In addition to the three-band EQ, the G4M 500 Series EQ also includes a high-pass filter that can be adjusted up to 100Hz. This filter serves as a powerful tool to eliminate unwanted low-frequency rumble or interference from the audio signal, allowing for cleaner and more focused sound reproduction.

Compact Design

Featuring a sleek and robust 500 Series modular format, the G4M EQ seamlessly integrates into any compatible rack system, providing flexible connectivity options and effortless integration with other studio equipment. Its compact design allows for easy installation and allows users to customise their signal chain according to suit their needs.