G4M 500 Series Compressor

G4M 500 Series Compressor

The G4M 500 Series Compressor is a professional-grade audio processing module that offers exceptional dynamic control and precise sound shaping capabilities. Designed with the utmost attention to detail, the compressor is an essential addition to any recording studio or live sound setup.

Featuring a robust build and sleek design, the G4M 500 Series Compressor is built to withstand the demands of continuous use and deliver consistent performance. It is meticulously crafted using high-quality components and cutting-edge circuitry, ensuring pristine audio quality and optimal signal integrity.

The compressor offers a wide range of controls and parameters, allowing users to tailor the dynamics of their audio sources with precision. With adjustable attack and release times, it offers unparalleled flexibility in shaping the envelope of the sound, whether users are looking for transparent levelling, or to create dynamic effects.

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Compact Design

Featuring a sleek and robust 500 Series modular format, the G4M Compressor seamlessly integrates into any compatible rack system, providing flexible connectivity options and effortless integration with other studio equipment. Its compact design allows for easy installation and allows users to customise their signal chain to suit their specific needs.

At a Glance LEDs

The three LEDs featured on the module indicate whether the signal is below or above the threshold at all times, allowing users to easily monitor the compression effect in real time. Additionally, they also help engineers identify if the signal is clipping, enabling them to take corrective measures and prevent unwanted distortion from compromising the integrity of their signal.

Versatile Compression

With a choice of ultra-transparent 1:1 compression to an extreme 25:1, the G4M 500 Series Compressor provides a wide range of compression ratios to suit various audio requirements. Whether users need subtle levelling or heavy compression for creative sound manipulation, this compressor gives engineers the flexibility to achieve the desired result.

The set-and-forget attack and release switches offer convenience and simplicity in setting up the compressor. By eliminating the need for complex manual adjustment of attack and release times, these switches ensure immediate and easy configuration, allowing users to focus on the creative aspects of audio production.

Tame Undesirable Low-Frequency Content

To address excessive low-frequency content, the G4M 500 Series Compressor includes a high-pass filter with a gentle cut at 100Hz. This feature proves valuable in eliminating unwanted rumble or bass-heavy elements, resulting in a cleaner and more focused sound.

Easily Compare

The A/B referencing switch on the G4M 500 Series Compressor facilitates easy comparison between the compressed and uncompressed audio signal. By engaging or disengaging the compression effect with a simple switch, users can instantly hear the impact of the compression on the signal, allowing them to make informed adjustments.