G4M 15″ Active DSP Sub

G4M 15″ Active DSP Sub

The G4M 15″ Active DSP Sub is a highly versatile and robust subwoofer that is ideal for professional audio applications. Its advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing), dual Combi-Jack inputs, and balanced XLR outputs allow it to be connected to mixing consoles, amplifiers and interfaces, making it easy to integrate with mixing consoles, amplifiers, and interfaces for a seamless audio system.

Powered by a Class D amplifier, the sub delivers an impressive power output of 500W RMS and 1000W peak, the Active DSP sub is capable of handling the most demanding of scenarios, ensuring a solid, consistent performance that can be relied upon. The sub’s frequency range of 35Hz-160Hz, allows it to handle everything in the lower end of the spectrum from deep sub-bass to punchy low mids.

The 15″ Active DSP Sub also features a 15″ woofer with a 3″ VC, which delivers clear and accurate bass with excellent depth and definition. With a maximum SPL of 126dB, this sub is capable of delivering a powerful and immersive audio experience even in small to medium-sized venues.

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Powerful DSP Functionality

The G4M Active Sub's advanced DSP features enable users to customise the sub's sound to their specific needs. With the rotary encoder, users can adjust the gain, choose from two EQ settings (normal and enforce), and set the delay and polarity of the subwoofer. Additionally, users can determine the crossover frequency to optimise the overall sound quality of their setup. The sub also features an onboard LED that can be turned on and off and set to illuminate when the onboard limiter is triggered, providing valuable feedback on the sub's performance.

Easy to Integrate and Adaptable

The sub also comes with a 35mm stand pole adapter, so it can easily be integrated with other audio equipment. The dual-balanced XLR output allows the signal from the combi-jack inputs to be sent to a full-range speaker, or a second subwoofer.

Durable Build

The 15" Active DSP Subwoofer boasts a rugged PP-H build, making it highly durable and ideal for demanding professional use. Constructed with PP-H (Polypropylene Homopolymer), a robust thermoplastic material known for its strength and impact resistance, this speaker can withstand the rigours of transportation, stage performances, and various environmental conditions.