G4M 12″ Passive Speaker

G4M 12″ Passive Speaker

The G4M 12″ Passive Speaker is designed to deliver powerful and clear sound for a wide range of applications. This speaker features a 12″ woofer and a 1.35″ compression driver that work together to produce rich, deep bass and crisp, detailed highs.

With a power handling capacity of 250W RMS, 500W peak power, and a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz, the G4M 12″ Passive Speaker is capable of delivering high-quality audio for both music and speech applications. It also has a sensitivity of 95dB and an impedance of 8 ohms, making it compatible with a wide range of amplifiers and audio systems.

The speaker features 2-pole Speakon input and output connections, which ensure a reliable and secure connection to your audio system. Additionally, the 35mm stand pole connection allows for easy integration with a range of stands and mounting hardware, making it easy to set up and use.

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Easy to Integrate and Install

The G4M 12" Passive Speaker is built to last, with durable construction and convenient fly points located on the top and back of the speaker. These fly points allow for easy and safe installation in a variety of settings, such as a temporary live event, or as part of a permanent installation.

With its unique tilt forward design, the G4M speaker offers the ability to adjust its positioning by 7 degrees, allowing it to be directed towards its intended listening area. This ensures that the sound waves are projected with precision, creating an optimised listening experience for the user.

Durable Build

The speaker boasts a rugged PP-H build, making it highly durable and ideal for demanding professional use. A robust thermoplastic material known for its strength and impact resistance, this speaker can withstand the rigours of transportation, stage performances, and various environmental conditions.