G4M 12″ Active DSP Speaker

G4M 12″ Active DSP Speaker

The G4M 12″ Active DSP Speaker is a powerful and versatile audio system that delivers exceptional sound quality and performance. Suitable for a range of applications, such as live performances, DJ gigs, and parties, this speaker is designed to provide a high-quality listening experience.

Equipped with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) and a 12″ woofer, the G4M 12″ Active DSP Speaker produces a deep and powerful bass response. The 1.35″ compression driver complements this by delivering exceptional clarity and detail across a wide frequency range of 60Hz-20kHz. To achieve a high level of efficiency, low power consumption, and minimal heat dissipation, the speaker uses dual amplification with a Class-D amplifier for the woofer and a Class-AB amplifier for the compression driver.

With its maximum SPL of 123dB, 350W RMS and 700W peak power, the G4M 12″ Active DSP Speaker is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized venues and outdoor events. Its versatile connectivity includes a dual combi-jack input, an RCA line input, a 3.5mm jack, and Bluetooth 5.0, providing users with multiple options to connect to the speaker. Its compact, lightweight design ensures easy transportation and storage when not in use.

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Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

The G4M 12" Active DSP Speaker's combi-jack input allows users to connect microphones, instruments, and other audio devices with ease. The dual combi-jack input also has an independent line/mic switch, so users can easily switch between line-level and microphone-level sources. The RCA input allows users to connect audio sources such as a CD player, turntable, or other line-level audio devices to the system.

A dedicated volume control for each channel ensures the perfect balance between the two channels can be achieved. The speaker also features a balanced XLR mix output, which allows users to daisy chain multiple speakers together or send the signal to a recording device or another audio system.

With its unique tilt forward design, the G4M speaker offers the ability to adjust its positioning by 7 degrees, allowing it to be directed towards its intended listening area. This ensures that the sound waves are projected with precision, creating an optimised listening experience for the user.

Effortless Audio Playback

In addition to the combi-jack input, the G4M 12" Active DSP Speaker is also equipped with an aux input and Bluetooth 5.0 functionality, offering even more flexibility and convenience for users. The aux input allows users to connect any audio source with a standard 3.5mm jack, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, providing an easy way to play audio from external devices.

Bluetooth 5.0 functionality enables users to wirelessly connect to the system from their Bluetooth-enabled devices. This feature allows for seamless audio streaming from smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices without the need for additional cables.

Powerful DSP Processing

With DSP processing, users can adjust the frequency response of the speaker to suit their preferences or specific requirements of the listening environment. The four available presets in the G4M 12" Active DSP Speaker are designed to make this process easy for users.

Normal - "Normal" is a flat response mode that reproduces sound with a neutral balance, suitable for general listening purposes.

Live - "Live" is optimised for live performances, enhancing the clarity and presence of vocals and instruments with boosts in the upper mids and high end of the frequency spectrum.

Club - "Club" is tailored for Electronic music with generous boosts in the bass and treble frequencies to increase the energy and excitement of a song.

Speech - "Speech" is ideal for speeches, presentations, or announcements. It has a boost in the upper mids to enhance intelligibility, ensuring that focus remains on the presenter.

The G4M 12" Active DSP Speaker also offers a range of convenient location presets designed to enhance its versatility and adaptability. Whether it is used as a pole-mounted main speaker, a floor monitor, or attached to a bracket, this guarantees that the speaker delivers accurate and balanced sound reproduction, regardless of its intended application and positioning.

Durable Build

The speaker boasts a rugged PP-H build, making it highly durable and ideal for demanding professional use. Constructed with PP-H (Polypropylene Homopolymer), a robust thermoplastic material known for its strength and impact resistance, this speaker can withstand the rigours of transportation, stage performances, and various environmental conditions.