G4M 1 x 12″ Guitar Cabinet

G4M 1 x 12″ Guitar Cabinet

The G4M 1 x 12″ Guitar Cabinet is a compact and lightweight cabinet that is perfect for practising, recording, and performing. The cabinet’s unique back design allows you to determine whether or not the cabinet is closed-back or semi-open which when paired with its 12″ speaker adds to its tonal versatility. The cabinet also has a power rating of 60W and an impedance of 8ohm, making it compatible with a wide range of amplifier heads.

In addition to its impressive sound quality, the G4M 1 x 12″ Guitar Cabinet has a sleek and stylish appearance. Its all-wood construction combined with the black tolex and white piping creates a look that is both modern and classic. The reinforced corners of the cabinet also help to protect against damage during transport.

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Equipped with a 12" speaker

The G4M 1 X 12" guitar cabinet comes equipped with a 12" speaker. This is a popular choice among guitarists as the increase in cone surface area compared to smaller speakers allows more air to be moved, resulting in a pronounced bass response with a smooth midrange. The speaker is also capable of handling more power, making it ideal for high-volume playing and recording without the risk of unwanted distortion.

Removable Back Plate Design

The guitar cabinet features a removable back plate, allowing you to determine whether or not the cabinet is closed-back or semi-open.

The closed-back design prevents sound waves from escaping out the back of the cabinet. By directing the sound towards the front, the result is a punchy tone with a fantastic midrange and a pronounced yet controlled bass response. Closed-back cabinets like the G4M 1 x 12" are also less prone to feedback, making them suitable for live performances. The closed-back design also offers better speaker protection by minimising dust and debris from entering the cabinet, ensuring a longer lifespan for the speakers.

Alternatively, a semi-open back guitar cabinet offers various advantages. By allowing sound to escape from the rear it offers a more natural, balanced tone which can prove particularly useful when recording. Additionally, the semi-open design can reduce low-frequency energy for a clearer, defined tone.